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This is how Dry-Treat became available to you in TRNC:

We have been working in the construction industry for many years and know the benefits of good quality building materials and sealants. So when I purchsed my property in TRNC I looked and tested many sealants on the market but unfortunatly most did not perform well or last for very long. 

Many of them changed the appearance of the stone and left a coating that wore off and started to flake, meaning that further applications were required.

Then we came across the 'Dry Treat Products'  un-like the others sealers, Dry Treat  penetrates the surface of the stone, it dosn't change the appearance.  The protection of DRY-TREAT allows ease of cleaning and less long term maintenance costs and with overall less expense keeping your stonework looking as good as it did when it first went in. 

We have recieved extensive training and are now Accredited Applicator's. We are the sole Importer's/distributor's of the 'Dry Treat Products' here in TRNC. We are so confident our products work we give a *15 Year Written Warranty!

We also undertake Floor grinding, re-surfacing, polishing, regular maintainance.

On-site NO obligation Quotations, and full demonstration of all our services and products.

Kemiko the sole Importer/Distributor/Accredited Applicators of all 'DRY-TREAT' products in TRNC.

*15 Year Warranty when applied by a Kemiko Accredited Applicator


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