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Typical Application

On receiving an enquiry arrangements will be made for a site visit where your needs and suitability can be discussed and a small test patch will be treated where absorption and coverage will be determined.

24 hours later the test area will be examined to check performance.

The treatment itself can then take place and will require a minimum of two coats.

Sometimes a 24 hour period is needed between coats, depending on stone type.

The treated area must remain dry for at least 6 hours but can be used normally.

The chemicals require a 28 day cure time to bond into surface although results can be seen almost immediatly. 

If the treatment is applied to render or grout small salt deposits may appear on surface during the cure period. This is normal and is the last of salt remaining in the impregnated surface.

If plastering or painting is needed on top of the treated area a solvent based undercoat may be required.

On completion the warranty can be filled in and sent to the UK where Dry-Treat ltd will stamp and return.

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Typical Application